D-100 won-coat (one coat crack covering)


D-100 has been used as a emulsion coating for concrete cracks, living room, veranda, rooftop, window frame, high way and bridge pier because its flexibility and elasticity is very good. Thus demand for this product is rapidly increasing.


  • Crack cover of outer wall (hair crack where chemicals injection is impossible)
  • Use as finishing material after removing the stand and sealing materials. (After crack repair, touch them with brushes to prevent re-crack)
  • For crack cover in the living room, veranda, corridor and balcony
  • As the finishing coating material after Epoxy elastic sealing works.
  • Reinforcement for window, rooftop, floor.


  • No color phenomenon, Excellent tesion rate .
  • Excellent adhesion. (Wood, concrate, glass, steel etc)
  • Excellent Excellent concealment and can be finished with only one paint work.
  • Little crack after painting.
  • One Liquid type, Little loss and easy work.


Main Ratio
One Liquid Type
Complete Cure Time
 24hours (25℃)
Preservation Reriod
 18hours ± 4 (25℃)
Time For Painting
 72 ~ 96hours (25℃)
Storage Temperature
Room temperature