DY-5000 liquid Injection Machine


DY-3000 liquid Injection Machine


The automatic motorized injector is specially designed for urethane stop-water injection, epoxy injection and reinforcement. It is well injected and easy to carry so that it will improve the efficiency of work


  • Epoxy Injection
  • Urethane water-stop Injection
  • Injection for iron plate, cracking and reinforcement, etc.


  • Power : 220V, 60Hz (single phase)
  • Max pressure : 380 ~ 700kgf/cm2
  • Flow-rate : 1st level 0.7 ~0.8ℓ/min, 2nd level 1.2 ~1.5ℓ/min
  • Weight : 7kg

How to Use

  •  Tighten cylinder, hose, and nozzle using a wrench before first use,.
  • Cut off the lower part of an 1.5ߧ plastic bottle and fix its mouth to the epoxy inlet(No.11 rubber ring) and then fill the injector up to 2/3 level with hydraulic oil.
  • Connect the power plug to 220V single-phase power source, set the control switch to level 2 and press the pushbutton to start operation
  • Put the desired chemical in the bottle when the hydraulic oil goes out of the nozzle and set the control switch to level 1 after the chemical starts going out from the inlet.
  • It is desirable to inject at Level 1. If the hydraulic hose expands during injection, stop injecting and cover the inlets with a piece of cloth or a rag to prevent the chemical from spattering. Then shake the nozzle from side to side to take it out and keep working on another inlets

※ Whenever changing the control switch setting between Level 1 and Level 2, touch the push button.

※ This model may be changeable for improving performance of DY-3000 automatic injector.