(10 m construction packaging crack repair agent) DYC-Crack Fix


Crack repair injector engineering method (For 10M)
Crack fix DYC-10 is specially consist of injector set and sealant for structure repair & reinforcement and can be used by everyone. It can be used for the place where the surface is dry or moisture. It penetrates easily to fine crack or gap and shows high level of adhesion for water-resistance of structure and abrasion resistance of inner steel bars. And it’s excellent to repair, reinforce and restore the structures after construction

Ani water THC-128


  • Use Cement brick, Red brick, Concrete, Wall
  • Volume 16L
  • Mixing Ratio one component

epoxy DY-123


Any Bond DY-123 is a multi-purpose epoxy type which has a high level of water resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical strength. It can be used extensively
for various purposes.

Characteristics and Function

  • It is a epoxy adhesive used for the places required strong adhesive to bond to concrete, wood, metal, glass, a piece of damaged carpentry, furniture, electricity, electronic component, screw fixed etc