THC-3004 Epoxy Lining Agent


Epoxy floor lining material, THC-3004 is made of solvent-free agent to be painted with the thickness of 3mm and conceal rough surface of the substrate. Its excellent leveling effect and neat surface status create an elegant interior atmosphere. It has excellent anti-corrosion function and prevents the repetitive shocks from being transferred into the substrate because it is applied thickly with high level of chemical resistant film. As a result of this, it’s free from the problem of peeling-off caused by substrate damage. In addition, it°Øs easy to remove the dirt or dust and clean the floor as there is no joint in the floor


•Floors of pharmaceutical companies, food-processing factories, hospitals, electric / electronic / precision industries, tape / film factories and other places which dust proofing is required
•Floors of offices or buildings that need luxury interior.
•Commercial spaces like convenience stores and service industries
•Chemical factories and confectionary factories where stable chemicalresistance is required


Main Ingredients
Epoxy Resin, Polyamidamin
In every color
Mixing Ratio
Resin : Hardener = 5 : 1
Pot Life
40min ± 10 (25℃)
Finger Touch Cure Time
 18hours ± 3 (25℃)
Curing Time
 24 ~ 36 (25℃)