D-1000 High Viscosity Injection (wide use for large crack injection)


Epoxy Resin D-1000 for concrete reinforcement is an injection material. It has strong adhesive power and does not flow down due to its thixotropy.
During injection to the floating parts of plastering mortar of tiles, it prevents poor adhesion, contamination and looseness due to flowing down of resin.
When you repair cracks in porous parts like cement brick, injected resin may soak into the main body and the inside of crack may become a cavity so
that it causes bad adhesion. And incase of piercing cracks, the problems of contamination & leakage to the other side can be solved completely with D-1000.


  • Injection into large crack area.
  • Injection to brick-laying or floating
  • Fixing anchor bolts, iron-plate anchors.
  • Close refilling V-cutting area.


  • Adheres strongly to cement mortar, concrete and iron plate.
  • Does not flow down when it is applied to wall and ceiling.
  • Easy to put in a grease gun, easy to inject with low pressure, and has a strong flow prevention effect, making it suitable for use as a high-strength putty.


 Main Ingredients
 Epoxy Resin, Polyamidamin
 Lemon Yellow
 Mixing Ratio
Resin : Hardener = 2 : 1
 Pot Life
 60min ± 10 (25℃)
Finger Touch Cure Time
 14hours ± 5 (25℃)
Curing Time
 24 ~ 36hours(25℃)