D-2001M Ultra Low Viscosity Injection (for microcracks and small cracks)


D-2001M injection materials are the epoxy injection materials for concrete structure repair and reinforcement. They are easy to penetrate into fine cracks
and have high level of adhesion, water-resistance and reinforcement. The Injection is easier if it is used for fine cracks (below 0.3mm) with injection syringe
method and it shows excellent mechanical strength after hardening. D-2001M prevents corrosion of iron bar and helps restore the strength of concrete.


  • Injection to cracks of concrete structure.
  • Injection to cracks of pc-plate, concrete moldion.
  • Reinforce anchors of slab, pillar, upper plate.
  • Injection to the loose part of mortar or tile for plaster.
  • Reinforcement for the old and weak parts of concrete.


  • Adhere closely to cement mortars and iron reinforcing rods.
  • Water-resistant & weather-resistant agent
  • Can be Injected to fine cracks(below 0.3mm)
  • High efficiency of work & suitable for low pressure injection
  • Little contraction after hardening


Main Ingredients
Epoxy Resin, Polyamidamin
 Yellowish Brown
Mixing Ratio
Resin : Hardener = 4 : 1
Pot Life
Based on major meterial + hardening meterial 50min ± 10 (25℃) 10mixing ratio 100g
Finger Touch Cure Time
 14hours ± 5 (25℃)
 Curing Time
 24 ~ 36hours(25℃)
 Application RangeRange
 Under 0.3mm monute crack