D-260 Elastic Injector


Dong Yang Epoxy’s Elastic Epoxy Resin Injection Agent D-260 is a product with excellent elasticity producing absolutely no breaking and/or crack, using
the special denaturalized urea epoxy resin, as made with completely different properties unlike those common injectors. As designed to directly compound
the specially developed resins, the product offers ease of providing the properties desired by consumers. As well, the D-260 is designed to perfectly reach to every minute sections of concrete with the minimum surface tension by developing the product with lowest possible viscosity in order to
infiltrate deep inside of fine cracks or gaps. The product is highly effective in repairing and reinforcing the concrete layers of poor structural condition
with increase of adhesive surfaces infiltrating not only inside of cracks and base concrete layers around by demonstrating active interfacial tension effect.


  • Concrete structures requiring high elasticity.
  • Wet / dry works all applicable..
  • Injection into crack sections of PC plates, concrete forming products applicable.
  • Reinforcing of anchors at concrete slabs, columns, top plates & etc. applicable.
  • Injection into undone areas of concrete mortar finishing, tiles & etc. applicable.
  • Reinforcing the aged and/or weak sections concrete applicable.


주제(A액)/Primer(Agent A)
경화제(B액)/Hardener(Agent B)
Main Ingredients
Denaturalized urea epoxy resin
Denaturalized aliphatic amine
Transparent liquid
Lemon Yellow
 Mixed Viscosity
 480 mpa,s(20℃)
 Mixed Specific Gravity
 Mixing Ratio (by weight)
 Agent A : Agent B = 1 : 1
Pot Life
Mixing 100g for 50 minutes under (20℃)
 Curing Time
Mixing 100g for 24 hours under (20℃)