D-30 Semi-rigid Urethane Foam Water Stop Grout (exclusively for concrete and underground structures)


D-30 is the urethane water-stopping material that is one-liquid & semi-rigid type. It’s developed to stop water leakage from cracks of ground and underground
concrete structures. Originally, previous water-stopping materials are divided into soft type and hard type. The hard type is used for ground structure and the
soft type for underground structure. But D-30 can be used for both of them. There are less defects because the formation of its cell is dense and Tension
rate is good. And it’s easy to work and remove cell after finish the work as well.


• Subway, Cavity, Water-stopping of leaking areas of joint
• Slab, Balcony, Underground parking lot, water-stopping of leaking area.
• Harbor, Dam, Waterway etc.


• Easy to work due to one-liquid type
• Easy to inject and finish the work
• Little hardening contraction
• Excellent water-stopping function
• High level of adhesion


 Main Ratio
One Liquid Type
 Reaction Time
 First 2minutes ± 5 (25℃)
Reaction Magnification
 Foaming rate – 10 times ± 3
 Application Scope
For stoppking water leakage from small cracks
Special qualitis
As itsfoaming rate is low, it is good for stopping water leakage from small cracks
이론소요량 / Theoretical Amount Required
 0.25 ~ 0.3kg/M