D-50 Soft Urethane Foam Water Stop Grout (exclusively for concrete and underground structures)


D-50 is the soft type water-stopping material that is developed in consideration of invariably leakage of water due to the cracks in joint, underground cavity, subway and other underground structures. It prevents leakage after water-stopping work due to the sinking and flowing of ground. It is specially used for underground structures as its cell is formed densely.


  • Injection to the cracks of concrete structure.
  • Subway, cavity, water-stoppage
  • Underground parking lot, water-stopping of leaking areas


  • Possible to stop leakage completely because of penetrating fine cracks
  • Fast reaction to water
  • Excellent tension rate after foaming
  • Easy to injection due to low viscosity.
  • Easy to work as it’s one liquid type
  • Can be used in the sea water.


Main Ratio
One Liquid Type
Reaction Time
 First 40sec. ± 20sec (25℃)
 Reaction Magnification
 14 times ± 1
Application Scope
  Exclusively for stopping water leakage from underground structures
Special qualitis
Fast foaming, elongation, good for underground structures