D-600 Elastic Epoxy Sealing Agent (For inner and outer wall V cutting)


D-600 is the elastic sealing material which is used as filling after V-cutting using grinder or the area which epoxy injection is difficult. If it has high
level of adhesion, fluidity and water-resistance and also endures various conditions, it is used in the field of engineering works, architectures and etc


  • For reinforcement after V-cutting of inner or outer walls of apartments.
  • To reinforce in brick wall
  • For reinforcement the joint of various concrete structure.


  • Excellent adhesion to concrete or iron-plate.
  • High level of physical strength, weather-resistance, durability.
  • Easy to work with gentle curing time, little heat and shrinkage during curing.
  • Excellent tension rate.


Main Ingredients
Epoxy Resin, Polyamidamin
Light Gray
Mixing Ratio
Resin : Hardener = 1 : 1
Pot Life
Based on major material + hardening material 60min ± 10 (25℃)10 mixing ratio 100g
Finger Touch Cure Time
 18hours ± 4 (25℃)
Curing  Time
 36 ~ 48hours(25℃)