D-80. Acrylic water repellent


Dong Yang’s D-80, a acryl water blocking agent of multiple purposes and applications for repairing eater leakages of concrete structures, is a product offering excellent safety, durability, water intercepting and rear surface water blocking effects against the high pressure water leakages as developed with low viscosity to provided ease of injection works. Particularly, the D-80 allows saving of cost as developed with 2-liquid plus additive type product allowing adjusting of gel forming time to provide convenience of workability at the jobsite. D-80 is a hydrophobic product of non-toxic characteristics with outstanding semi-permanent durability producing no soil and water pollution as developed for rear surface water blocking applications at underground structures, tunnels, subways and etc.


  • Excellent Injection Performance : Convenience of injection with extremely low viscosity.
  • Excellent Durability: Semi-permanent water blocking effect with no variation after gel forming.
  • Ease of Work: Adjustment of curing time applicable fitting to jobsite condition by controlling amount of additive.
  • Environment Friendliness, Non-toxic Material: No risk of polluting soil and water quality with environment friendly acrylic product.


Major Composition
Acrylic resin
Specific Gravity
Mixing Ratio
 100 : 100 : 4 / (Agent A : Agent B : Agent C)
 Application Scope
지하주차장, 터널, 지하철 등 지하 구조물
 Special qualitis
Adjustable with amount of Agent C
Reaction time
 15 sec
Packing Unit
 A제 (Agent A):20kg B제 (Agent A):20kg C제 (Agent A):0.8kg