DU-Cypon 5000 (High Strength Urethane)


Cyphone-5000 as a stagnant water supplement is two-liquid type highly-hard urethane to dispose stagnant water on leaking element of the concrete structure and is researched & developed as low viscosity type and is fully infiltrated to minute crevice by the injection pressure and hardening is made and completely could intercept the leaking element and is not contracted at all and has not worry about deficiency again and can expect for semi-permanent stagnant water effect:


  • Repair leakage, crack on concrete structure
  • Stagnant water on leakage area of subway, tunnel, dam and joint ditches
  • Stagnant water of leakage, slab crack on civil engineering, architectural structure.
  • Underground parking lot, sewage treatment plant, water purification plant & underground water reservoir.


  • Easy to inject as it is low viscosity type.
  • The adhesion time is freely adjustible subject to water leakage.
  • After complete hardening high mechanical strength is displayed.
  • It is non-shrinkage stagnant water to display excellent performance.
  • The adhesion time is long may use by one-liquid type automatic injector.


Yellowish Brown
/Mixing Ratio
 Resin : Hardener = 1 : 1
Pot Life
Finger Touch Cure Time
Curing Time
 Special qualitis
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