DU-150 urethane sealant


Polyurethane sealant is high efficiency 2-component elastic sealant for construction and roads etc.


  • Joint such as PC, RC, ALC and free-wave etc.
  • Extension joint of metal, concrete and mortar etc.
  • Control joint
  • Every curtain wall joint from lower to higher floor
  • Barrier joint for engineering, construction, marine and railroad
  • Extension joint of concrete pavement road of expressway, bridge and airport runway


  • Hardened at room temperature, excellent elasticity and resilience
  • It has good abrasion resistance and no shrinkage after hardening
  • Little change in hardness, flexibility is maintained initially, the less joint damage
  • It is affordable, practical, and does not lose elasticity even at low temperature.
  • Excellent adhesion to various material (metal, cement, aluminum) (using primers
  • Excellent coating properties (paint coating available)
  • After injection vertical and horizontal finishing is clean. It maximizes work efficiency.

Basic Specifications

  • Main component : Polyurethane Polymer
  • Dry to Touch Time: within 48 hours
  • Mixed gravity: 1.38~1.45
  • Hardness: 15~25(Shore A)


  • Color (2Type): Grey
  • CAN packing: Hardener 10Kg/ base 2Kg
  • Mixing ratio: Hardener 5 : base 1
  • Primer: Primer D-100