DY-Anicrete (chemical-resistant, chemical-resistant, industrial flooring material)


The frecrete Floor System is a special denaturalized polyurethane floor material fully satisfying the properties and respective surface roughness required at the industrial
sites. The freecrete is applicable to use at the food processing plants, chemical plants and others requiring extreme hygienic environment and special physicochemical
functions such as HACCP, GMP, Clean-room


  • Cooking of foodstuffs (Kitchens at commercial sites, hospitals and hotels, fast food restaurants, In-flight meal processing plants)
  • Food Processing (Milk processing, bakery, meat processing, chicken meat processing, salted and seasoned food processing, sauces, noodles, fries production processes.)
  • Beverages and Breweries (Beer, Distilled liquor, Carbonated soft drink, Fruit juice, Natural water production processes, bottling and can packing processes.)
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes (Primary & secondary production processes, laboratories, Clean rooms, Pilot production laboratories)
  • Chemical plants (Variety of chemical manufacturing sites subject to leakage, Tank farm facility areas)
  •  Electronic Industries (Electronic component manufacturing and storage areas)
  • Engineering oriented jobsites (Plants, automobiles and other heavy material handling areas)


  • Applicable to damp floor surface
    The freecrete may not be applicable to use on highly damp floor, yet allowing shortening of coating time in comparison with epoxies or other floor coating materials as applicable within 5~6 days on concrete poured surfaces, and 2~4 days on polymer cement based floor materials.
  • Fast Hardening Speed
    Light walking after 12~16 hours and trespassing of light vehicle after 24 hours applicable under 20℃ temperature.
  • Chemical Resistance / Heat Resistance / Impact Resistance / Cold Resistance
    Chemical resistance available against the chemical substances subject to high exposure at food processing sites.
    Applicable to use under the temperature of maximum 130℃~-40℃. Impact resistance and elasticity sustained with strong mechanical strength and low elasticity.
  • Economy
    Sustaining for longer period of time than any other competitive floor materials applicable thanks for its outstanding durability.
  • Less smelling
    Less smelling of no solvent type coating in comparison with common floor materials of epoxy or urethane based materials.


결 과(Result)
비 고(Remark)
 Compression Strength
 360.6 kgf/㎠
 After curing for 28 days
 Bending Strength
 150.5 kgf/㎠
 After curing for 28 days
Tensile Strength
59.3 kgf
 After curing for 28 days
 Adhesion Strength
Falling off of base material
Pot Life
20~30 minutes
Curing Time
After 12~16 hours Light walking
After 24 hours Trespassing of light vehicle