DY-101 Epoxy bond for Anistone


This product is early curing adhesive for stone and a high-performance two component liquid type reactive adhesive which shows an excellent
adhesive strength on wet surface and does not cause discoloration, stains or running on the surface of stone. In addition, it is easy to use as mixing
base material with hardening agent at the ratio of 1 : 1 and can be used for all seasons because of almost no change in viscosity regardless of season

How to use

• Completely remove dust, oil (grease), and other foreign particles on the
surface, wall and stone (marble) adhesion side.
• Accurately measure the main solution and hardener at a ratio of 1:1 (weight
ratio) and mix properly.
• Mix and use moderate amount of the product and use within the pot time.
• Immediately wash with soap water if it comes in contact with the skin.
• When adhesive gets on the stone’s surface, clean immediately with paint
thinner, etc.
• Apply mixed adhesive on angled parts and apply on the left and right sides of
the stone material. • After completing the stone work, proceed with joining
(silicone) the materials.
• When storing for prolonged periods at low temperature, the paste viscosity
will rise and affect workability, so store and install at 5°C or higher.


 Base material
 경화제 / Hardening Agent
Main Ingredients
Epoxy Resin
Polyamide Resin
Milky White
10kg PE Can
10kg PE Can
Tile for application
Stone Marble
Standard amount used
abt. 1.0~1.5kg/m², abt. 13~20m² 20kg(1set) based on dotted application
(The amount used varies depending on the site condition and work method.)
Pot life(after mixing)
약abt. 10-20minutes (in standard condition: Time may be increased or decreased according to the season and environment)
Mixing Ratio
 1 : 1 Resin : Hardening agent)
Shelf Life
 제조일로부터 6개월 (6 months from date of manufacture)