Epoxy bond for Anitile (eco-friendly) DY-202


Eco-friendly Tile Adhesive for Sick House Syndrome & Constructor’s Health
This adhesive for tiles, marbles and synthetic marbles is a two-component reaction adhesive with
superior adhesive strength, water resistance and outstanding performance. This adhesive has spring &
autumn type, summer type and winter type depending on the season. Unlike existing products, this ecofriendly
product is without volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, phenol, benzene, etc. and selected
as the Eco-Friendly Certificated Product.

How to use

• Completely remove dust, oil (grease), and other foreign particles on the wall and back
of the tile.
• Accurately measure the main solution and hardener at a ratio of 1:1 (weight ratio) and
mix properly.
• Take a moderate amount of mixed epoxy and calculate the bonding fluid, then
attach. Hardening time may be delayed or there may be defective adhesion (if ratio is
inaccurate or if not mixed well).
• The moderate amount of epoxy may vary depending on the tile material and weight
(size), and the single application area should be limited to an amount that can be
applied within 10 minutes.


• This is a special epoxy product and has outstanding adhesiveness and durability.
• It has excellent initial adhesiveness and is convenient to use thanks to its broad mixing
• Products are manufactured according to the seasonal work conditions and it has broad
range of hardening conditions.
• It refers to 80% hardening and properties, and the completion time for chemical reaction
is about 168 hours (7 days) at room temperature of 25°C. Longer curing time is required
when working in closed spaces or when high durability is needed


주제 / Base meterial
경화제 / Hardening Agent
주성분 / Main Ingredients
에폭시 수지 (Epoxy Resin)
특수 아민 수지
색상 / Color
유백색 (Milky White)
용량 / Capacity
10kg PE캔 (10kg PE Can)
10kg PE캔 (10kg PE Can)
적용타일 / Tile for application
도기질, 자기질, 석기질, 폴리싱타일 (Earthenware, Porcelain, Stoneware, Stone)
표준사용량 / Standard amount used
약 3~4kg/m²,약 5~6kg/20kg(1조) : 타일떠불임 공법 기존 (바탕면, 타일종류 및 크기에 따라 사용량이 증감됨)
abt. 3~4kg/m², abt. 5~6m² 20kg(1set) based on tile attachment method
The amount used may be increased or decrease according to type and size of tile.)
가사시간(혼합후) / Pot life(after mixing)
춘추용, 약 10분(표준상태 : 계절과 환경에 따른 변화, 증감이 있음)
abt. 10minutes (in standard condition: Time may be increased or decreased according to the season and environment)
혼합비 / Mixing Ratio
1 : 1 (주제: 경화제) (Base material : Hardening agent)
유통기간 / Shelf Life
제조일로부터 6개월 (6 months from date of manufacture)
비중 / Specific Gravity
점도(cps) / Viscosity(cps)