Epoxy bond for Anitile DY-202


Eco-friendly Tile Adhesive for Sick House Syndrome & Constructor’s Health
This adhesive for tiles, marbles and synthetic marbles is a two-component reaction
adhesive with superior adhesive strength, water resistance and outstanding
performance. This adhesive has spring & autumn type, summer type and winter
type depending on the season. Unlike existing products, this eco-friendly product
is without volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, phenol, benzene, etc. and
selected as the Eco-Friendly Certificated Product.
As an eco-friendly product, the color of the resin and hardener can change over time.

How to use

  • Foreign substances such as dirt and oil (oil) on the back of the back of the background and tiles must be completely removed.
  • Measure the subject and curing agent accurately at 1:1 (weight ratio) and mix thoroughly.
  • Take an appropriate amount of mixed epoxy and calculate the number of bonding and adhere it.
  • The curing time may be delayed or poor adhesion may occur (if it is not mixed correctly or is not mixed well).
  • The appropriate amount of epoxy should be increased or decreased in consideration of the material, weight (size), etc. of the tile, and the area to be applied (applied) once is
    Please limit it to the amount that can be constructed within about 10 minutes.
  • After mixing the epoxy theme and curing agent, tile work must be done before the film occurs.
  • Considering the material, weight, size, etc. of 6 tiles, epoxy bond usage should be observed at least 25% to 35% of the tile area.
  • Bonding epoxy on the back of tiles, construct at least 95% of the adhesive to adhere well to the concrete wall.
  • After the epoxy bond is cured (curing for more than 2 to 3 days), joint construction is carried out with a Remetal for tile joint.
  • Store at a low temperature for a long time because the viscosity of the paste increases and the workability will be affected, so store and construct at a temperature of 5℃ or higher.


 Base material
 Hardening Agent
 Main Ingredients
Epoxy Resin
Polyamide Resin
Milky White
Lemon Yellow
 10kg PE Can
 10kg PE Can
Tile for application
Pottery, Porcelain, Stoneware, Policing tile
Standard amount used
 abt. 3~4kg/㎡, abt. 5~6㎡20kg(1 set) based on tile attachment method The amount used may be increased or decrease according to type and size of tile.)
Pot life(after mixing)
abt. 35-45 minutes (in standard condition: Time may be increased or decreased according to the season and environment)
 Mixing Ratio
 1 : 1 (Base material:Hardening agent)
Shelf Life
6 months from date of manufacture
 Specific Gravity