DY-BEST Magic tile joint sealing agent


With the changing times, toilets are also a fashion era!
No more stains, molds, and smells between the toilet tiles!
No more toxic detergent cleaning!
With one construction, semi-permanent construction!
A hybrid eco-friendly ureatile joint liquid that always feels like a new house (toilet).
It is easy to construct self-construct at low cost and it can fill the toilet culture with a classy space

How to use

• Clean the tile floor before using, scrape out stains, molds, and contaminated areas between tiles, and c reate suitable grooves.
• Remove foreign substances and moisture completely, and stir the pul in the large bottle (pul+main ing redient) well with a long stick like chopsticks in a state of complete dryness, and then stir in a small bot tle (hardener) in a large bottle for about a minute to mix well.(Main ingredient: Stir enough to mix the h ardening agent well. if not mixed enough, it can cause defects.)
• Caution :Also, be careful when mixing too much, because it causes heat.
• After changing tip of the long stopper tap in large bottle (pul container), cut the tap at an angle slightly. And apply the product(tile joint liquid) to avoid overflowing the tile top with the desired tile groove.
• Main ingredient: You should use it in 30 minutes after mixing hardeners.
• Do not use water on the floor until it dries after applying the product(tilejoint liquid).


• Products : Floor use: Bathroom floor, porch floor, veranda floor, etc.
• Products : For Walls use: Bathtubs , Lower Toilets, Bathroom Walls, etc.