product description

Crystal (Soft) Resin is a high transparency product and has almost no bubbles and odor, thereby
developed as a soft resin product for room-temperature hardening that anyone can use easily at home
or classes for making solid herbariums, diffusers, resin art, visual crafts, etc.


• For art class and practice
• For individual and group hands-on experience
• For both experts and non-experts


• Most existing acrylic resins and epoxy resin products have a unique odor during production, or require removal of bubbles using a vacuum device, thus making it
very difficult to work with at home. Our Crystal (Soft) Resin is a product developed by complementing to such disadvantage.
• The main ingredient of Crystal (Soft) Resin is silicon resin.
• This is a safe material used even in home kitchens, and this has no odor or harmful gases and is safe on the skin as well. Furthermore, it has similar transparency as acrylic and epoxy resins, and has strong durability that can withstand deterioration caused by UV rays.
• In addition, it was upgraded to make it bubble removal easy with low viscosity

How to use

굳기까지의 시간
약 25℃
약 20℃
약 15℃

• Level the work table and cover with plastic, etc. to prevent contamination.
• Remove contamination and dust from the frame and dry completely.
• Layout the contents in the frame.
• Mix the main solution and hardener at a weight ratio of 100:50 in the mixing container.
Make sure to use a scale to measure. (Margin of error must be within 5%)
• Use a stirring rod to mix for 2 minutes.
* When mixing, mix about 3 times per second, and try to mix in a way so bubbles do
not form.
• Also make sure to thoroughly mix so that the ends are mixed well.
• Once mixing is complete, pour while avoiding the frame. Use a stirring rod and pour,
making sure bubbles do not form.
• Complete the process above within 1 hour.
• Hardening time varies greatly depending on the temperature (room temperature and
liquid temperature), so please refer to the table below.

 ※Actual requirements may increase or decrease depending on the site conditions.
 ※Please check the blending ratio before working.
 ※When handling and using: See TDS and MSDS