product description

Crystal Resin (DYW-24) is a high transparency epoxy resin, which is a specialized product designed to be
used for making river table, epoxy table, woodcraft, resin art, accessory, sculpture, mold, model, etc


• Making epoxy table (river table)
• Making woodcraft, Making resin art
• Making model, accessory, sculpture, mold, etc.


• Very clear high transparency.
• Excellent adhesion to wood or stone.
• Excellent workability with low viscosity.
• No bubble is formed.
• Easily mixed with pigment or dyestuff.
• No yellowing.
• Thick application available at once.
• The curing time is very short as 24 hours.

how to use

• Prepare an empty container.
• Weigh the required amount to the mixing ratio (Weight Ratio = 2:1)
using a scale.
• If coloring (pigment or dyestuff) is added, first add it to and mix with
the base compound..
• Mix the base compound with curing agent well.(Mix in one direction to
minimize bubbles.)
• Transfer the mixed base compound and curing agent to another empty
(Make sure that no resin is left at the inside of the first used container.)
• Mix the resin (base compound + curing agent) transferred to another
container again well.
• Wait for a certain time allowing bubbles to be discharged.
• Pour the resin in the prepared mold

     ※Actual requirements may increase or decrease depending on the site conditions.
     ※Please check the blending ratio before working.
     ※When handling and using: See TDS and MSDS