THC-3003NS Odorless Coating Agent


Non smell coating agent, THC-3003NS is used for internal epoxy finish work and a solvent-free agent. It is two-liquid type of coating material to be consist
of mainly epoxy Polyamidamin resin that has excellent adhesive power, durability, anti-corrosion, chemical resistance, water resistance, oil resistance etc.


  • Parking lot, warehouse of distribution center, machine house, floor and wall of electricity room
  • General workshop, industry plant, other industry site etc


  • Excellent impact resistance, anti-corrosion, durability
  • Easy to work due to its self leveling
  • Make less smell because of solvent-free
  • There is no level connection part so that it makes cleaning convenient and partial repair easy.
  • Excellent chemical resistance


 Main Ingredients
Epoxy Resin, Polyamidamin
In every color
Mixing Ratio
Resin : Hardener = 4 : 1
Pot Life
 1hours 15min ± 1hours (25℃)
 Finger Touch Cure Time
12hours ± 3 (25℃)
Curing Time
 24 ~ 36 (25℃)