Epoxy resin (for mortar) THC-3008


Epoxy resin has excellent adhesion and physical strength. It is variously applied as a reinforcing agent for civil, architectural structures and shows
reliable and excellent performance. Epoxy resin mortar is one of important application fields and the mixture of epoxy resin, silica and aggregates. For cement mortar, Portland cement and water are used as bonding agent and sands are used as aggregates. For epoxy mortar, epoxy resin is used as bonding agent and silica (instead of sands) is used as aggregates.


  • Floors of factories that need chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and impact-resistance
  • Repair weak parts of concrete structure.
  • Repair damaged concrete-pavement roads and airport runways.
  • High strength foundation treatment for large mechanical equipment against shaking.
  • Base plate foundation work for buildings


  • Excellent physical strength
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Little hardening contraction
  • Excellent abrasion resistance


Main Ingredients
  Epoxy Resin, Polyamidamin
Dark Brown
 Mixing Ratio
Resin : Hardener = 4 : 1
가사시간 / Pot Life
 40min ± 10 (25℃)
 Finger Touch Cure Time
 6hours ± 3 (25℃)
Curing Time
 24 ~ 36 (25℃)