XI-Epoxy-W(1) Tile Adhesion Repair Sealing Agent (For Wall)


Dong Yang’s XI-Epoxy-W(1) Tile Adhesion Repair Sealing Agent is a product specifically designed and developed as an adhesion repair sealing agent for
indoor tiles, allowing to use for diverse applications other than tile repair works. XI-Epoxy-W(1) Tile Adhesion Repair Sealing Agent is a multiple purpose sealing
agent capable of supplementing and resolving troubles such as detaching, poor adhesion strength, which may occur after tile attachment works.


  • Sealing repair of concrete structure cracks.
  • Injection and sealing into cracks of PC plates, tiles, concrete forming materials.
  • Reinforcing anchors installed at slabs, columns and top plates.
  • Injection into undone areas of concrete finish mortar, tiles and etc.
  • Reinforcing of aged and/or weak sections of concrete structure.


  • Maintaining excellent adhesion effect on the cement mortar, concrete, steel rebar and various surfaces to be attached allowed.
  • Easy to mix providing no drooping up to 3 layers on wall.
  • Excellent workability and light weight with large amount of use per unit weight.
  • No contraction after curing, odorless and excellence of discoloration resistance.
  • Excellence of reinforcing base materials and increase of surfaces to be coated/ matters to be attached with outstanding surface activity and infiltration capability


Primer (Agent A)
Hardener (Agent B)
Major Composition
Epoxy Resin
Denaturalized Aliphatic Amine
White Creamy State)
Light Beige Creamy State
Mixture Viscosity
Mixing Ratio (By weight)
Agent A : Agent B = 2 : 1
 Pot Life
Mixing 100g for 50 minutes under(25˚C)
Curing Time
Mixing 100g for 72 hours under(25˚C)